Friday, August 22, 2008

hew mun news

hew's news isn't quite like blue's clues. but the words my sound similar.

due to the explosion of hard drives in laptops, one in particular, in an overexaggeration. everything was lost. all the songs i was working on, all of the music files, everything.
therefore there will not be any new songs being released on the internet until a new one is purchased. if there are any recordings being released, they will most likely be crude live recordings. but if you like the live recordings, it wouldn't really matter i suppose.

until then,
i'm working on live material and plan to gain an active lifestyle by playing out more.
it will be somewhat difficult at the moment due to the fact that i don't have any reliable transportation to get to the places of playing.
but stay tuned. i'm working on it.

-motths ew man

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