Monday, September 8, 2008

First blog post and in limbo

Stag Hare Here reporting into A.Star central from a coffee and bubble tea place in NE Portland by a park. Pretty much everyone in this entire area are high school/middle school kids...I must be near a school house. this is the spot I chose to detrain from the light rail and chill for like 4 hours until I find my way deeper into the NE to a place they call Rererato where I am to perform. I traveled really light, so light in fact that I seem to have forgot all my merch. I don't have even one CD to sell. But I'm excited to be using only three items of electronic gear, in contrast to the complicated array I used a few weeks ago when I played here last. I also have a set prepared, in contrast to an entirely improvised set....and I'm playing with Dash who from past shows is worth a trip across vast space and one time zone alone, and a group called Guitars, who I have not seen or heard, and Orem the Sink. and thats about all I want 2 say 2 U. I have some videos maybe I can post from a tour I did last month, but I ain't tracked em down yet. pictures too. now I will click PUBLISH POST and see what happens

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